Saturday, November 13, 2010


My Interpretation of the Keith Olbermann Affair

On Friday, November 5, three days after the midterm election of 2010, an election that was widely considered to be an indication of an overwhelmingly popular referendum for conservative points of view, Keith Olbermann, a liberal political commentator on a cable broadcast station, MSNBC, was "indefinitely suspended" for making campaign contributions to liberal democratic candidates, one of whom had appeared on his show. One might have assumed that he had impressed Olbermann during his appearance.

Olbermann did not mention the contribution on the air nor did he ask permission of the executives of MSNBC. This was in violation of the policy of the NBC Network so he was ordered to cease broadcasting indefinitely .

By monday some 318,000 signatures were obtained on a petition requesting his return and he was returned to the air as of tuesday, November 9th.

In the context of the evolution of human society from the paleolitic to the present, this was a significant event--not only because it indicates that there is a sizeable, computer active group of people who at least tolerate liberal views immediately after a so-called conservative "landslide" , but because it provides a prototype mechanism for direct democracy working on a global scale.With this kind of mechanism we do not have to depend on honest representation by professional politicians.

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