Friday, May 27, 2005



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(continued from Snakes and hoses)

One of the snakes (I can't tell gender) said to me "What do you mean by distrbing us in such a private moment?" Now actually it was an experiment to see if I would experience what Tiresias did, but instead I said "What do you mean by having sex in my back yard?". The snake pointed with its tail at the hoses and asked "Who was it who put up the erotic statuary?"

It had a point, I guess. In any case the other snake had vanished so we went our seperate ways.


Snakes and hoses

Snakes and hoses
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I went out to help water the orchids one day and there were two snakes having sex at the faucet. I ran back in and got the camera but they had been disturbed.


Tuesday, May 24, 2005


Up North

On May 18th we flew from St. Vincent to St. Lucia (a stone's throw away) with little hope of catching the next American Eagle plane to San Juan. We would not quite have made it if we had run through a transit lounge while someone moved our bags at the speed of light. But there was no transit lounge, and we had to recover our bags and take them through immigration and customs then outside the terminal to the American Eagle counter. There we were told that the plane had broken down in Canouan (a posh resort in the Grenadines) and we would go on that flight anyway. Later we were told that it wasn't going to be fixed before the afternoon flight, so we were booked on that flight and they bought us luch. Then we were told that the plane was fixed, and then not. By the time we actually left, we were on the afternoon flight that our agent had booked us on the previous October, but we had been shifted between planes 4 times and the other plane left about the same time we did. Everything else was fine and they boght us lunch, but there was something very Caribbean about it.

In any case we are back in Massachusetts (where it is cold and wet) have seen our grandkids and some of the Doctors and shopped in most of the stores like Building 19 and Ocean State for hyperbargains and we can settle down for a while. I'll try to catch up on the blogging.

Love to all, even American Eagle and Caribbean Star.


"City of Arches" by Vivian Child

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There are now a group of photographs on the net that I took in 2003 at the launching of Vivian Child's architectural memoire of Kingstown, Saint Vincent and the Grenadines. It was held at the former Carnagie Library, now occupied by the Aliance Francais. You can click on the picture, or go to
and click on the tag "Vivian"

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