Sunday, August 24, 2008


McCain & Hillary

The talking heads have been worrying about why some of the Hillary supporters (29% of them) say they are going to vote for McCain. McCain has taken advantage with an ad (quoted in the LA Times -- {}. However, like I did, they probably forgot that the Republican talk show heads suggested that Republicans register as Democrats and vote for Hillary because she'd be easier to beat. So it isn't surprising that some Hillary supporters would go back to being Republicans when the primaries were over.

This new Sunday ad is titled "Passed Over." Aimed clearly at the 18 million disappointed Democrats who voted for her during the long primary season, the ad asks why Clinton was passed over for the No. 2 spot.

It shows Clinton and says:

"She won millions of votes.

"But isn't on his ticket.


"For speaking the truth.

"On his plans:

HILLARY CLINTON: "You never hear the specifics."

ANNCR: "On the Rezko scandal:

HILLARY CLINTON: "We still don't have a lot of answers about Sen. Obama."

ANNCR: "On his attacks:

HILLARY CLINTON: "Sen. Obama's campaign has become increasingly negative."

ANNCR: "The truth hurt.

"And Obama didn't like it.

JOHN MCCAIN: "I'm John McCain and I approved this message."

In the last few years of her life my grandmother (my mother's mother) used to bus back and forth from Los Angeles, where my Uncle Andy had gone in the '30s to draw for Walt Disney and my parents' house on Long Island. She was a Seventh Day Adventist and she worked hard to convert the relatives. When I went up to LA for a weekend (the Army having sent me out to the Yuma (AZ) Test Station) they were very surprised to find that I wasn't a Seventh Day Adventist, too. Evidently my grandmother had been telling the Los Angeles relatives that all of us on the East Coast had converted to Adventism, just as she told us that all of the West Coast relatives had joined Adventist Churches. Sally reminded me of that when I mentioned the Republican Hillary-followers.

Evidently to some people it doesn't matter whether what you say is the truth or not so long as it serves your ideological purpose. In politics that works fairly well as long as you can get the media to go along and just ignore the things you say that aren't true, and mostly they do. That's the American Way, I guess.

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