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Universal Basis For Science And Religion, Remark 1

Universal Basis, Remark 1

A sense of the import of the Spencerian and Darwinian Models can be obtained from looking at the Gaussian probability curve. The Spencerian model that says "Survival of the Fittest" says, in effect, that fitness can be represented by a single number with a probability distribution something like the gaussian in the figure. Then "The Fittest" would be something like the dark section on the right and only they would contribute to the future population of the species. The rest of the existing population is "junk" and can be discarded as far as evolution is concerned.

The Darwinian model, on the other hand, says "The Non-survival of the Unfit", which says that the dark area on the left makes no contribution, and all the rest of the population contributes to future populations. This not only avoids classifying most of the present population as junk, but it says that cooperation and altruism would decrease the number that are "unfit" and garner their possible contributions to the species.

The American Presidency is an interesting experiment in the Spencerian model: two families, the Adams' and the Bush's have demonstrated genetic successors in that office, and the Adams line faded after one generation and the Bush line resulted in a disasterous war. If nothing else that would demonstrate the inadequacy of the Spencerian model.

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