Friday, December 23, 2005


Sermon 12 /23 /05

I wrote the stuff below and what it refers to a while back and I've changed my mind since then My current ideas are on
and I've found a religion that will serve the transition period better than anything I could invent, Universism. You can find out about it by Googling "Universism" [note: NOT "Universalism"--that's something else entirely}

(correction dated 04 /07 /06)


Sermon 12 /23 /05

The Book of the Church of Evolving Freedom is up on the web
(at ) and I don't intend to make any changes in it for a while. Doesn't mean it is perfect, far from it. But the changes and additions that need to be made are primarily mechanical, links from the summary pages to the body of the "Einstein's God" part. I'm not up to that right now. For one thing it has been so long since I read "Einstein's God" that I've forgotten a lot of what is in it. Stuff that seemed inspired when I wrote it seems less important now, or I've lost interest in that particular thread. But that's OK: it is there for people to find if they are interested. They haven't been interested these last 35 years, but things are tougher now and more people are alienated and dissatisfied. They won't get cured of that by thinking about my ideas, but at least they'll see, when they get around to it, that the world we are in isn't the only possible world. That will give them a focus for their alienation.

I'm going to write short pieces like this (that I'll call "Sermons") and put them up on one of the blogs. What blogs?

Tomorrow's God

Social Evolution

Karlek's Blog

Karlek's Blog will be mostly about personal things, but you never know when something will occur to me. Tomorrow's God will mostly be about the religion of the Church of Evolving Freedom, and the Social Evolution blog will be mostly about the scientific aspects, but they are pretty intimately involved so a sermon might pop up anywhere.

I'll post this on all three.

There is another blog, about Saint Vincent and the Grenadines, but there shouldn't be too much interaction. That is at:

Saint Vincent and the Grenadines Blog

Main SVG site

If I don't write any more before then, Merry Christmas

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