Sunday, August 14, 2005


What I'm Up To When I'm Not Here

I have been working on the site at by editing out a bunch of the pictures so it was small enough to put it on a site without ads. These pictures, and a bunch that were waiting to go somewhere, have been uploaded to I have been putting lables and tags on those and I'm starting to weed out the duplicates. The pictures that are still in the SVG book are being uploaded to the new server, slowly.

I have some texts that will eventually go, in full or as extracts, to the SVG Book. They are being sorted out and, if appropriate, published on the SVG Blog.

Between them that's going to take up a bit of time.

The only time I think of stuff like evolution or God or behavior is when somebody else writes something and I send them an email. Some of those will get stuck up here or on the Socevol Blog.

And then there is ordinary life, too.

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