Sunday, July 17, 2005


New Site Index

Actually the site index isn't exactly "new", but it is rewritten and some of the sites are in different places and it is in a different place. In particular it is on Apple's website, mac-dot-com, and it is in the "public" folder along with some other files that I wanted you to be able to read without ads. Some of the sites, that I don't intend to do much with, are still on servers that run a lot of ads.

I have been involved with that kind of housekeeping lately so I havent kept up with the blogging. I'll try to do better but sometimes it takes a while for ideas to solidify enough to articulate. That's the problem with a lot of blogs--it is so important for the bloggers to get their ideas up in words on the net that they just gush. That's OK too, but it doesn't offer much to chew on.

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